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We have specialists in various fields of e-commerce to help you run profitable e-commerce solutions in an effective, professional and organized way. We provide support for business and market related issues to help boost your revenues.

Understanding the customer


Comprehensive analysis of the analytics gathered on the store, with various data concerning customer online behavior and recommendations for site optimization.

Improving conversion rates

improving conversion rates

Access to different online marketing techniques and traffic generation methods for enhancing Return On Investment (ROI).

Integration to 3rd party solutions

integration to 3rd party solutions

Multi-channel and cross-channel sales profitability is accelerated through simple integration with existing ERP systems, with centralized content management across all channels.

Identify potential customers

Create profiles of customers who are most likely to purchase your products or services through detailed analysis of their browsing behavior. Optimize presentation of the products and services based on the target user group.

Product promotions

Make your content creative with product banners, illustrations, and Flash solutions. Guidelines are provided to improve the way you define product combinations, set up offers, and product classifications for easy searches.

Navision / Axapta connection

A standard integration between EC Web CMS and Navision has been developed in cooperation with K3 Landsteinar in Holland. Updates are reflected in the store as soon as they are made in Navision and orders are never lost in the communication between the two systems.

User behavior analysis

Integrate additional tools to the store to record every action performed by each user. Identify the areas of interest, actions performed on the site, the pages attracting most attention, navigation patterns on the web, enter and exit paths.

Landing page optimization

Convert the majority of your leads to a sale, support your advertisements and search engine results to match your customer expectations. Identify the prominent products, new products and products on offer/promotion which are to be highlighted on your home page or category landing page.

LS Retail Support

EC Replicator can be extended to support the LS Retail data structure, in addition to Navision integration.

Usability improvements

Professionally designed layouts with maximum usability for customers to find what they are looking for. Appropriate positioning of web elements and functions, based on usability guidelines and eye tracking studies.

Drive traffic through search engines

Submit product feeds to search engines and other market places to generate traffic to the store. Optimize the store with search engine friendly URLs and an appealing design.
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