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Drive your sales across multiple channels

In a competitive environment, multi-channel is a highly beneficial sales strategy to increase profit at a lower cost. According to an eMarketer report, "Consumers expect a multichannel retailer's store, website and catalog to act as a single unified operation. They should have a satisfying shopping experience regardless of which channel they visit".
Our solutions are designed and developed on the basic principles of total separation of content, functionality and user interface, easy integration to third party systems and a high level of standardization for easy and low-cost maintenance. This will provide you with better transparency of sales, transactions and distribution across all channels.

Why Multi-channel sales?

It is an effective marketing strategy to support your online marketing drive and helps to reach prospects through various online channels. Your visibility will be enhanced by approaching customers through different channels, which also improves your credibility and trustworthiness with the target audience.

Multi-channel solutions

Take full advantage of multi-channel sales with the help of an online store, an interactive online catalog and product feed submissions. These solutions enhance your visibility online via direct online sales, search engines and product catalogs.

Tools supporting this sales strategy

Effective content management is vital when using multiple channels in your sales strategy. All content and promotions should be controlled from a centralized system.

Enhance your multichannel retailing with:

Multi-channel solutions

EC Shop Premium

Pre-built store with no functional changes

Start your online business in a professional way with EC Shop Premium.

EC Shop Enterprise

Fully Customizable online store 

This is a solution for medium sized and high-end retailers, providing ample capability to be innovative and different.

EC Shop Portal

Procurement portal - Wholesale and retail e-commerce for B2B or B2C

Multiple vendors can trade online in a single marketplace.

EC Book Standard

Online Publication - Standard

Convert any PDF file and publish it online in minutes, with a multitude of features and templates. Modify the templates with your company logo and color in just a few clicks.

Tools supporting this sales strategy

EC Replicator

Integrate online stores with any ERP system, with modules for Navision/Axapta

EC Shop replicators use well defined industry standards, such as the NES standard, for problem free and thoroughly tested connections to ERP systems such as Axapta and Navision.

Email System

This is a key feature to support your digital marketing campaigns. Communicate with the target audience through rich HTML email and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.


EC Solutions are integrated with either Google analytics or a dedicated statistics tool to explore revenue data and customer buying trends. It allows you to compare the performance of all your marketing efforts from emails, to PPC, to offline campaigns.
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