Search Engine Optimization

Attract more traffic through comprehensive SEO techniques, such as On-Site SEO, Friendly URL, Redirect Broken Links, Keywords, Site map etc.


On-Site SEO

Our solutions provide options to optimize your site for search engines, using HTML Markups, target keywords, internal linking, site structure, etc.

Redirect Broken Links

You can redirect broken links to a dedicated page (404) to prevent web spiders crawling and indexing the broken links.

Site Map

Create a page that has links to the important parts of your website for ease of user navigation. This also helps web crawlers to easily find the important pages of your website.

Content with Keywords

Create your website content with proper keywords and relevant content, which allows search engines to classify your site accordingly.

Title and Description Tag

Dynamically include product details in the page Title and Description tag, with product name, abstract, price, keywords etc. which are relevant to the product displayed on the page.

User-Friendly URL

Add a user-friendly URL for products, categories and static pages with good Meta titles to increase the web page ranking in the search engine.

Meta Tag Descriptions

Complete control on Meta tag, Meta description, Meta title, page title, heading tag and customized title tag relevant to the context of the product page and other various tags.



New to Ecommerce?

Specialists in various field of ecommerce help you for effective, professional and organized way of running profitable ecommerce site. Provide support on business and market related issues to boost revenue.

Is your back office system not Navision / Axapta?

We provide connections to some of the commonly used country specific and client specific back office systems other than Navision & Axapta.

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