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Modular solution for complex web requirements

  • Dedicated modules for e-commerce requirements
  • Develop complex systems
  • Synchronize with any third party system
Ecweb CMS

Built for use with Ecommerce Solutions

EC Web is a powerful CMS system that can be extended to develop any complex web solution.

  • Designed to meet the needs of businesses, non-profit and government organizations to set up, maintain and manage Online stores, Intranets and Extranets.
  • Supports varied display modes and display techniques using data from various sources imported and displayed through the EC Web system’s central database.
  • Sophisticated product system with a built-in taxonomy, multiple image association and indexed to support high volume web traffic.
  • Dedicated e-commerce system to configure various store settings, payment gateways, stock management, shipping and invoice generation.
  • Synchronize with third party systems using various APIs.

Web Page and Content Management

Create, edit and delete pages and content with full control of content placement and navigation. Manage articles for use on the web with a WYSIWYG editor, manipulate images and generate various thumbnails, all in one place for use throughout the website.

E-commerce System

Contains a vast array of features, with an integrated shipping application and connections to multiple Payment Gateways. It has a built-in order system and integrates with a product system / ERP for real-time stock management and check-out steps. Transactions are carried out in a fully secure manner.

Product System

Store unlimited products in complex hierarchies. Supports a variety of display modes, product variations and merchandizing associations, and can be fully integrated with any ERP system.

User System

Manage users and assign role-based access and control to each individual user or user group. Give access to a user or a group of users for the entire site or for a specific area of the site.

Other Highlights

Email System

This is a key feature to support your digital marketing campaigns. Communicate with the target audience through rich HTML email and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Community system

Communicate and get closer to your target audience. There is a wide range of built-in features, such as forums, blogs, ratings and product comments, with effective administration and management of user privileges.

Third Party Integration

EC Web supports seamless integration with third party systems. This makes it easier for centralized management of the content.
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